“eggies” for breakfast, simple directions

“eggies” for breakfast, simple directions

Ten years ago, when we first starting keeping chickens, I learned how to make this simple dish from a Martha Stewart special episode on keeping backyard chickens. The recipe originally called for 1 egg, a few slices day-old cubed bread, butter, milk, fresh parsley or other garden herbs, salt & pepper, and a mini cast iron skillet. Ten years later, I still make this breakfast dish whenever I have a leftover baguette or bread loaf, only now I use 8 eggs, add garlic salt, and use a medium cast iron skillet in order to feed my family of five. Here’s how…

Step 1

Gather your ingredients, preferably the night before.

leftover bread, 8 eggs, garlic salt, butter (milk and parsley)

Step 2

In the morning, slice bread and spread evenly with softened butter and then slice further into cubes.

Sliced buttered bread

cubed buttered bread

Step 3

Melt a Tablespoon butter in skillet. Toast cubes of buttered bread, sprinkled with garlic salt, in the heated cast iron skillet. Stir constantly until bread cubes are crunchy and nicely toasted.

Tablespoon melted butter

skillet toasted bread cubes with garlic salt

Step 4

Mix 8 eggs with 1/4 cup milk.


eggs and milk

Step 5

Pour egg mixture over bread in cast iron skillet over medium heat, stir until almost cooked.

eggie ingredients on stove in skillet

almost done

Step 6

Place in broiler for 5 minutes, watch carefully. Once out of the oven, chop fresh parsley and garnish.

parsley garnish

Step 7


breakfast eggie