tomato confessions, part two: summer’s salad-sized tomatoes

tomato confessions, part two: summer’s salad-sized tomatoes

This is Part Two of a three-part series. Read the Intro here.



Brad’s Atomic Grapes. We purchased these seeds from Baker Creek and have to admit, I nervously tended their wispy leaves until the tomato plant sale. I set aside one for my garden, as I was so interested in its unique look. This plant and tomato is so captivating. The taste is wonderful and the wait to ripen well worth it! I will grow this one again.

Brad′s Atomic Grape

Brad′s Atomic Grape, Sliced

Golden Girl Tomatoes. This nice firm determinate hybrid tomato has a rich full taste and stores well off the vine. I will definitely purchase these hybrid seeds for next season. I like my garden to have a few hardy, prolific, disease resistant hybrid varieties.

Golden Girl Tomato

Wooly Kate Tomato. Along with the Atomic Grape, this tomato plant has fascinated me throughout the summer. Its leaves are a fuzzy lamb’s ear texture and color. The unripe tomato has a beautiful light green and purple coloring. As they ripen, they become a deep yellow/orange, with a nice sweet-tart flavor.


Wooly Kate Tomato, still ripening on the vine

Wooly Kate Tomatoes

God Love Tomatoes. This plant has been hardy and beautiful from germination, I would say the most healthy looking plant at our sale along with the Principe Borghese. Also, my most productive salad-sized tomato this year and great for oven-roasting.

God Love Tomatoes

God Love Tomatoes

Green Zebra Tomatoes. One of my favorite tomatoes. Sweet with a tangy finish, this tomato goes great in Caprese salads. I love the bright green and yellow coloring, mixed with red, yellow and orange tomatoes. I am careful with seed purchase and prefer to save seed because this tomato varies in size and I definitely opt for the salad-sized variety.

Green Zebra Tomatoes

Jaune Flamme Tomato. How disappointing it was to realize my favorite salad-sized tomato, never made it into my garden of 36 tomato plants (there, I said it, I have 36 tomato plants scattered around my front, side, and backyard). Every year, this is my favorite salad-sized tomato, tasting like a large Sungold cherry. Thankfully, a plant made it into my mom’s yard so I was able to take a picture and eat a few:)

Jaune Flamme, on the vine