tomato confessions, part one: summer’s cherry tomatoes

tomato confessions, part one: summer’s cherry tomatoes

This is Part One of a three-part series. Read the Intro here.

Blue Cream Berries…Lemon Drops…Matt’s Wild Cherries…Black Cherries…Frosted Green Doctors…Supersweet 100 Cherries…Sungold Cherries…Gold Rush Tomatoes…Beam’s Yellow Pear…Peacevine Cherries……..happy (slightly embarrassed) sigh.

Yes, I have all these cherry tomatoes currently growing in my garden. In February, my sweet garden-loving, God-seeking soul friend and I started almost 1,000 tomato plants by seed in our church and school garden.

Every year, near Ash Wednesday, we help hundreds of kids from ages 3 to 16 years bury these tiny fuzzy seeds in the dark soil. Within a week, we all marvel at how a little seed has all it contains to become this little plant with baby seed leaves breaking through the moist soil, eventually growing into a big plant bearing tasty summer fruit. All from one little seed.

August is the time we fill our cheeks with bunches of cherry tomatoes, decide which ones we like best, and save seed for next year’s planting and tomato sale…yes, you can come buy your own tomato plants too!

So here they are….


Lemon Drop Tomato. My most prolific tomato plant this year, this sweet large yellow cherry tomato is great right off the vine or in a salad. Already saved seeds!

Lemon Drop Tomato

Black Cherry Tomato. My second most prolific cherry tomato this year, this large perfectly round cherry tomato picks nicely from the vine and is beautiful when sliced.

Black Cherry Tomato

Matt’s Wild Cherry. In order to keep up with the harvesting of this wild unruly tomato vine, I use garden scissors to trim off the whole bunch a tiny sweet cherries.

Matt′s Wild Cherry

Gold Rush Currant Tomato. Smaller than a cherry, these little gold sweet tomatoes are currant size making them hard to keep up with the harvest. Great for homes with lots of little hands.

Gold Rush Currant Tomatoes

Blue Cream Berry. This is the first year we have grown the blue cream variety although three years ago when I grew several blue boar berry plants, a few turned out to have this creamy color. Best to eat this super sweet tomato right after picking as they tend to crack when pulled off vine ripe.

Blue Cream Berries

Sungold Cherry. Always a favorite of mine, this golden orange cherry is bursting with flavor and stays firmed when picked. Will forever grow these tasty cherries in my home garden.

Sungold Cherry

Supersweet 100. A classic sweet red cherry, this abundant hardy plant is always one of the favorites at our annual tomato plant sale. Because it is hybrid, we purchase rather than save seed.

Supersweet 100

Beam’s Yellow Pear. Ideal for salads and sun drying this pear-shaped tomato has a mild flavor and grows abundantly.

Beam′s Yellow Pear

Gold Rush Currants, Matt′s Wild Cherries, Blue Cream Berries, Yellow Pears, Sungold Cherries