sharing stories

sharing stories

What is it to follow stories, young lives pilgriming through days? Not just short bits of stories, but the stories you follow, you revisit. Stories that bring hope and inspiration. The kind of stories that spark joy, bind you to life and connect you with others.

My days are inspired by the sharing of stories and the connecting of people. As a community, we are called to build each other up. For three years, I commit to following “the stories of…” individuals who inspire me. My hope is that in the process, followers are left changed, inspired, excited, hopeful and deeply loved.

Each season, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, we will revisit “the stories of…” May we not only hear short pieces of stories but follow the beautiful journeys. These young people have inspired me and I want to share their stories with you. Together, may we listen and learn.

This summer, we have been following the story of Jacob…

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