tomato confessions: intro

tomato confessions: intro

I must confess, this whole tomato thing has gotten a little out of hand. It all started fifteen years ago with a friend, an unusual tomato plant, some dirt and a pot. Fast forward to today, and I have….okay – I am embarrassed to actually reveal the number of tomato plants, with fear that I might just scare you all off.  So, let’s just say I have a whole lot of tomato plants, nestled throughout my yard, in garden beds, pots, wine barrels, grow containers, and empty dirt spaces.

We started our tomato plants in February, by seed, in our church garden, moving them to my parent’s greenhouse in the winter. Part one, next week,  will cover my cherry tomatoes. Part two, my salad-sized tomatoes. And finally, part three, my beefsteaks.

tomato confessions, part one: summer’s cherry tomatoes

tomato confessions, part two: summer’s salad-sized tomatoes

tomato confessions, part three: summer’s beefsteak tomatoes