saving tomato seed

saving tomato seed

Now is the time to save your tomato seeds! We love to save seeds from our favorite heirloom or open-pollinated tomato varieties. (It is best not to save hybrid seeds. It is less likely to produce a similar tomato as it is not yet stabilized) So much history is contained within one little seed. How beautiful it is to be people that pass along the story of seeds.

picking the seeds

first, pick the best most healthy heirloom or open-pollinated tomato from your best most healthy tomato plant. Slice and taste to confirm goodness.

into a bowl

then, squeeze out the seeds into a small bowl. It is ok if some tomato juices come along with it.

water and cover

add water to bowl and cover with saran wrap.


wait three days, or until fungus starts to form on the top layer of the water.

rinse and dry

then, rinse through strainer under running water and lay flat to dry on wax paper in warm dry location, away from direct sunlight.


label and store

finally, once completely dry, package, label and store in cool dry dark place.